Genuine Responsiveness: A Core Service Value

  1. Genuine Responsiveness As Fast As Five Minutes

Universal Registered Agents (URA) Believes People Value Genuine Responsiveness

Our company describes our attitude towards genuine responsiveness in this video: Personal Services In Registered Agent Services.

Has this ever happened to you?

  • Getting trapped in an automated phone tree system.
  • Becoming impatient when placed “on hold” and listening to endless recorded music.
  • Re-introducing yourself and re-describing your problem because you got passed around from one account rep to another.

URA believes there is a better way to treat our clients. Giving people respect counts.

Why? People want to know you care about them.

Our Goal: Respond In As Fast As Five (5) Minutes. That’s our goal and attitude when it comes to returning our clients’ phone calls and emails.

When clients need to speak with us, their question or problem is deadline-driven:

  • Meeting an annual report deadline required by her/his state and paying the associated state fees
  • Filing tax reports and making tax payments for a franchise, corporate and state income, sales and use, or other taxes related issues
  • Maintaining required business licenses at the state and local level

Showing genuine responsiveness not only expresses our respect for our clients but also shows how we value our relationships.

Showing genuine responsiveness is another way URA wants to increase an awareness of personal service values in the registered agent industry.

Would you like to experience genuine responsiveness for your company or business?

Are you looking for something different in registered agent services?

Make your move to Universal Registered Agents (URA).

Click here to watch this short video describing how Universal Registered Agents’ (URA) believes Your Business Is Personal.

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