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News and Information

  • Georgia 2017 Annual Registration Deadline: April 1st (3/1/2017) - Annual Registrations For State Of Georgia Are Due By April 1, 2017 Georgia annual registration season is from January 1, 2017 to April 1, 2017. Annual registrations must be filed or postmarked by April 1, 2017 to avoid the $25.00 late filing penalty fee. Reports can be filed online with a credit card at […]
  • Mississippi Annual Reports Due April 15th (3/1/2017) - Mississippi Annual Reports Deadline: April 15, 2017 All corporations and limited liability companies doing business in Mississippi are required to file their annual report by April 15, 2017. Annual reports must be filed online at If you have not used the Mississippi system previously you will need to create a filing account. Instructions to create an […]
  • Compliance Services In All Fifty U.S. States (8/30/2016) - Universal Registered Agents (URA) offers compliance services nationwide (i.e., in all fifty U.S. states). Delivering timely compliance services and staying on top of compliance requirements keeps our clients in good standing. Genuine responsiveness and industry expertise are at the heart of our long-term relationship building. As state and local governments increase compliance requirements, our clients […]
  • Operation BBQ Relief: A URA Teammate’s Passion (8/24/2016) - Universal Registered Agents is proud of Will Cleaver’s passionate involvement in Operation BBQ Relief along with the amazing volunteers aiding southern Louisiana’s residents. Will Cleaver is Universal Registered Agents’ (URA) Chief Technology Officer. One of Will’s personal passions is his involvement in Operation BBQ Relief (OBR). He co-founded OBR in May 2011 in response to […]
  • Giving Registered Agent Clients Respect (8/16/2016) - Universal Registered Agents (URA) Believes In Giving Registered Agent Clients Respect No Matter Their Size Merriam-Webster defines respect as: “A feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc., and should be treated in an appropriate way.” To URA: “That someone” is an individual person. “Treated in an appropriate way” is the respect […]
  • Genuine Responsiveness: A Core Service Value (8/2/2016) - Universal Registered Agents (URA) Believes People Value Genuine Responsiveness Our company describes our attitude towards genuine responsiveness in this video: Personal Services In Registered Agent Services. Has this ever happened to you? Getting trapped in an automated phone tree system. Becoming impatient when placed “on hold” and listening to endless recorded music. Re-introducing yourself and […]
  • The Missing Values In Registered Agent Services (7/19/2016) - Universal Registered Agents (URA) wants to elevate and promote personal service values in registered agent services. Practicing and giving personal service drives our founders and team members. Click here to view Universal Registered Agents’ (URA) brief video: Personal Service In Registered Agent Services We Asked The Question: What Values Are Missing In Registered Agent Services? […]
  • June Delaware Annual Reports and Tax Notice (5/24/2016) -   IMPORTANT DEADLINE: June Delaware Annual Reports and Tax Notice A reminder that annual reports for domestic and foreign Delaware LLCs and domestic and foreign Delaware LPs are due by June 1st. Although Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and General Partnerships formed in the State of Delaware do not file an Annual Report, they are […]
  • Personal Service: A Company Value (5/4/2016) - Universal Registered Agents (URA) is pleased to announce the launch of its 2016 marketing campaign. The image and messaging for this campaign represents how URA’s company value focusing on personal service benefits prospective clients seeking registered agent and/or independent director services. URA’s professional, experienced, and reputable registered agent and independent director team delivers to its […]
  • Universal Registered Agents (URA) Announces Intelligent Express Tax Calendar Service (12/4/2015) - Universal Registered Agents (URA) announces the release of its new online compliance calendar service available in the United States. The URA Intelligent Express Tax Calendar bolsters the company’s robust Corporate Services in online document and compliance filings, searches, and retrievals. Universal Registered Agents Team Members understand our customers’ daily concerns of keeping their respective companies compliant in […]

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