Operation BBQ Relief: A URA Teammate’s Passion

  1. Operation BBQ Relief Hammond Team

Universal Registered Agents is proud of Will Cleaver’s passionate involvement in Operation BBQ Relief along with the amazing volunteers aiding southern Louisiana’s residents.

Will Cleaver is Universal Registered Agents’ (URA) Chief Technology Officer. One of Will’s personal passions is his involvement in Operation BBQ Relief (OBR). He co-founded OBR in May 2011 in response to the tornado disaster and relief efforts in Joplin, Missouri.

OBR describes its mission as follows:

“Operation BBQ Relief provides compassion, offers hope and friendship to those whose lives have been affected by disasters across the United States.  We leverage our expertise in cooking and catering barbecue meals with our ability to quickly mobilize our teams into any area where disaster disrupts and tears apart the lives of Americans.”

The devastating flooding in southern Louisiana highlights the importance of disaster relief organizations like OBR.

As of publishing this post, OBR volunteers deployed in Hammond, Louisiana served 176,000+ hot meals to flooded out residents and first responders.

Team members estimate OBR will serve 20,000 meals per day during the August 21 through August 26 timeframe.

In the past five years, OBR prepared and served 866,000+ meals for disaster relief.