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Universal Registered Agents (URA) announces the release of its new online compliance calendar service available in the United States. The URA Intelligent Express Tax Calendar bolsters the company’s robust Corporate Services in online document and compliance filings, searches, and retrievals.

Universal Registered Agents Team Members understand our customers’ daily concerns of keeping their respective companies compliant in their US-based states of business. The URA Compliance Calendar Service:

  • Provides customized alerts for annual report deadlines
  • Tailors notices to clients’ individual state filing schedules (i.e., quarterly, bi-annual, and annual reports)
  • Makes annual reports available on a monthly, quarterly and semi-annual basis

Individual clients gain peace-of-mind because URA’s Compliance Calendar Service:

  • Simplifies compliance activities by linking to required Secretary of State websites
  • Retrieves reports via secured, online hyperlinks
  • Supports filing assistance (when needed)

Furthermore, organizations self-representing in their respective home states can track non-URA represented companies.

“We are pleased to announce our new offering within URA’s Corporate Services” says Kent Rockwell, CEO. “The URA Compliance Calendar Service affirms our continuing commitment to deliver online, on-demand, and real-time solutions focusing on our customers’ daily sense of urgency with critical filing deadlines. Respecting our individual client and following through on her/his needs are why we’ve earned strong personal relationships. That’s our differentiating value.”



Returning clients trust in our many years of legal experience powering our company’s services and mission: Give Our Clients Respect. Respond Quickly With Great Service. Charge Fair Prices.